Here football transfer league shows you the stats behind all those rumours that the papers produce. Currently showing paper accuracy and average rumours produced (per day). Any interesting statistics that you think we are missing, please drop us a line.

Rumour Accuracy

Source Correct Total Num Accuracy
The Guardian 445 1151
Daily Record 254 790
Daily Telegraph 551 1767
The Times 509 1710
The Scotsman 10 34
The Herald 23 83
The Independent 283 1074
Daily Mail 1759 7352
Daily Mirror 2567 11829
Daily Star 957 4726

Info: Figures are based on all rumours we have that have been resolved (player has transfered or signed a new contract). FTL rumour data goes back to the start of summer 2006 transfer window.

Rumours Per Day

Rumour Source Num Rumours
News Of The World 2.28
Daily Mirror 2.27
The Sun 1.65
The People 1.53
Daily Mail 1.41
Daily Star 0.91
The Express 0.75
Daily Telegraph 0.34
The Times 0.33
Metro 0.26

Info: On average how many rumours do each rumour source produce a day. Again using all rumours from the start of summer 2006 transfer window.

User Rating

Rumour Source User Rating
The Guardian

3.4 (29K votes)

The Herald

3.4 (535 votes)

Daily Telegraph

3.4 (43K votes)

The Times

3.3 (39K votes)

Daily Mail

3.3 (174K votes)


3.3 (48K votes)

Daily Mirror

3.3 (248K votes)

News Of The World

3.3 (40K votes)

The Independent

3.3 (22K votes)

The People

3.2 (21K votes)

Info: This is the average of the user rating for rumours produced by the football rumour source.